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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Welcome to WarCraft


Korang tau kan game nie. Warcraft is basically about some ancient creature (and a little bit human) battling over a kingdom or victory for their side. Main game ney boleh start dengan campaign dulu. Tapi, saya percaya tak ramai pun yang start dengan campaign. Even saya sendiri pun skip campaign. Hehe. Ntah, looks kinda irritating and bored me up. Tapi xpela, saya akan try main campaign and tell you guys about it later. Ape yang menariknya ialah Local Area Network or biasanya orang panggil LAN Game. Warcraft ney provide macam2 jenis map untuk user die. Banyak gakmap rekaan 'just for fun'. The main and word wide game here (I believe) is DotA. Ever heard about it?

You should if you're a gamer!! DotA is about two region battle with each other until the main tower got destroyed. One is the Sentinel ( side yang baik sebab berasaskan pokok2?) and the other one is the Scourge (side jahat sebab ade tengkorak flame2 gitu). The map got three lanes; top, middle, and bottom. Usually, middle will be handle by one hero (the roamer) but it all depends on the team's strategy. Owh, lupe lak.. Game ney ialah teamwork game walaupun ramai pro2 yang suke main solo tapi sebenarnya bile diorang dengan team sendiri, still apply the teamwork. Hero pulak ada kategori dia yang tersendiri; strength, agility, and intelligence. Semua pun bagus, depends on your techniques and game play je. Strength biasanya untuk tanker ( means kereta kebal, jadi perisai dalam war), Agility pula untuk late game player (biasanya awal2 xsakit sangat, depends on skills gak), and Intelligence untuk supporter (nak jadi killer pun boleh gak). Eh, senang cite tengok macam mane korang guna hero tu la.. Haha..

 Okay.. Jumlah heroes dalam DotA adalah seperti berikut :

Sentinel Strength : 20
Sentinel Agility : 18
Sentinel Intelligence : 19

Scourge Strength : 16
Scourge Agility : 17
Scourge Intelligence : 20

Ape hal nie? Cam tak balance je! Baru ingat nak pick Scourge.

Haha.. Actually, boleh je pick mana2 to play for either team. Dia duduk dalam sentinel or scourge tu sebab sifat or character hero tu menyamai character team tu (konon ade baik jahat la)..

My favorite hero in DotA is Shadow Fiend, Nevermore. Located at the Scourge Agility. Hehe.. Hero ney leceh sket. Starting HP 400+ je and have a low armor, doesn't fit well with his HP. Tapi kalau pandai menggunakan skills dan items secara effective, pedih la. 

Nevermore's Skill :
  1.  Shadowraze
  2. Necromastery
  3. Presence of the Dark Lord
  4.  Requiem of Souls

DotA ney can be played online through Garena. I'll share the link for you to download the patch.

To download Garena (Garena Plus), go to this website : http://www.garena.my/

To download the latest map of DotA, go to this website : http://www.getdota.com/

Hey, go and give it a try. Alaa, don't worry about being called as 'Noob'. I've got and earned that title so many times when I'm in the process of learning. Haha.. Kalau risau sangat, boleh main dengan Ai dulu (lawan dengan computer). Dah2, g cuba main dulu. I'll update more about DotA in my next entry. Enjoy!

Prendre Soin Pour L'instant.. :D

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Under Arrangement


Actually, I got a lot of things that I wanna share with you guys. Cuma tak tersusun lagi. My idea is I'm gonna customize all the topics into segments so I'll be easier to read (I think). Haha.. Basically, nanti akan ada beberapa segment contohnya :

  • Game
  • Comic
  • Grooming
  • The World
  • Politic
  • Relationship
  • Anime
  • Music
  • Celebrity Story
  • Sport
  • and many more
Ni la ideanya. Ada diantaranya my favorite a.k.a my hobby, ada pula topic yang kita kene tau gak. Well, I'm gonna do my best to tell you guys about those topics. My first entry after this would be about Log In Game : WarCraft. Gamers should at least know about this game. :D

Prendre Soin Pour L'instant..  

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Total Blank


Blog eyh.. So I actually know nothing about blog.. Haha.. Dah tak tahu nak watpe sangat, boleh la try toying with blog.. Xpela, yang mana korg suka, boleh baca.. Kita nak share je. Anything that you would like to share, I'm open to any topic.. :DD