Sunday, 24 February 2013

Under Arrangement


Actually, I got a lot of things that I wanna share with you guys. Cuma tak tersusun lagi. My idea is I'm gonna customize all the topics into segments so I'll be easier to read (I think). Haha.. Basically, nanti akan ada beberapa segment contohnya :

  • Game
  • Comic
  • Grooming
  • The World
  • Politic
  • Relationship
  • Anime
  • Music
  • Celebrity Story
  • Sport
  • and many more
Ni la ideanya. Ada diantaranya my favorite a.k.a my hobby, ada pula topic yang kita kene tau gak. Well, I'm gonna do my best to tell you guys about those topics. My first entry after this would be about Log In Game : WarCraft. Gamers should at least know about this game. :D

Prendre Soin Pour L'instant..  


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